Note on Terminology
“Fairy nomenclature is problematical. The same species can change name from region to region.”

Brian Froud Alan Lee
bugel noz
(Breton for "child, or shepherd, of the night"). A Celtic figure often naked, or wearing a sort of cape, and sometimes wearing a pointed hat. Frequently an awkward character!
(Sorciere n.f.)She was once the symbol of the perfect woman, but then, under pressure from the Catholic Church, became the evil and bewitching woman that we know today.
(Claurichaune n.m.) A great lover of whisky, who usually lives in whisky distilleries and cellars.
Hojemaennel :
(Hojemaennel n.m.) A figure that lives near to people, also called "vegetable garden imp". His hat is the same colour as his home.

Diaoul Bihan Du :
Associated with the Tan Noz, they unleash violent winds, putting boats in peril.

Guérriers Celtes :
(Guérriers Celtes n.m.) "Celtic warriors", who only appear on the edges of forests, in their frighteningly coloured helmets, when there is thick fog.

Tan-Noz :
((Breton for "night fire"). Like shipwreckers they live along the coasts, where they trick navigators by lighting fires. Because their skin is light coloured they wear high collared pullovers, and large brimmed hats which they pull down to hide themselves.

Goblin :
(Goblin n.m.) Lives in hills and cliffs, near to where people live. Always dressed in green or brown, and never takes off his pointed hat, so nobody has ever been able to see his ears.

Logoden :
(Logoden n.m.(Breton for "mouse"). Lives in peoples' houses. All he ever eats is books. A mischievous practical joker, often responsible for the unexplained disappearance of things you are looking for.

Lepréchien :
Character near to man, very well dressed, wearing a tricorn hat and a high collared shirt fastened by a black tie. Cobbler by trade, he often mends only one shoe.

(tricorne n.m.) A figure with long pointed nose and ears. His name comes from his characteristic three pointed, or "tricorn", hat. He is often very well dressed in a tailcoat.
(Knockers n.m.). Also called "Little miners", they live underground, in mines. They are very helpful, guiding men to the richest deposits.

(Klabouter n.m.) A very experienced sailor, his navigation advice is an invaluable aid to seafarers.

Korrigan :
(Korrigan n.m.) Figure of the undergrowth. If you manage to see him before he sees you, you can ask him for anything, even money. Beware of him seeing you first though!

(tisaniere n.f.)  Its physique is not very well defined, it resembles to a grandmother, an old aunt whom one formerly loved and which one finds certain details: a long nose, a wrinkled cheek
Humain :
(humain n.m.)Imaginary character invented and interpreted by the artist.